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Heartbreak Hotel

Składanka dwupłytowa. Dość ciekawa, zawiera kilka niealbumowych wersji maxi.

Heartbreak Hotel - Hansa 74321 76753 - 2000

CD 1
  1. Heartbreak Hotel (Room 69 Mix)
  2. I Can lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi Version)
  3. 'Cause You Are Young (Maxi Version)
  4. Are You Man Enough (Long Version)
  5. Picture Blue Eyes
  6. Summer Kisses
  7. Little By Little
  8. Like A Hurricane
  9. Midnight Gambler (Long Version)
  10. Nothing But A Hearache
  11. Jump in My Car (Maxi Version)
  12. One Night's Not Enough (Maxi Version)
  13. You Shot A Hole In My Soul (Maxi Version)
  14. Heaven And Hell
  15. House Of Mystic Lights

CD 2

  1. Backseat Of Your Cadillac (Maxi Version)
  2. Strangers By Night (Maxi Version)
  3. Fire Of Love
  4. Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Long Version)
  5. Don't Be A Hero
  6. Dancing In Shadows
  7. Soul Survivor (Maxi Version)
  8. Smokey Joe's Cafe
  9. Hollywood Nights
  10. Do You Love As You Look
  11. Don't Shoot My Sheriff Tonight
  12. Born On The Wind
  13. Heartbeat City
  14. Night In Africa
  15. Don't Wait Too Long
  16. C.C.Catch Megamix '98 (Short Version)

Dziś 16.05.2021
Kalendarium: premiera singla C.C.Catch "House Of Mystic Lights" i albumu "Diamonds" (1988)

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