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Golden Stars

Składanka dostępna tylko dla członków Bertellsmann Club. 18 piosenek z albumów "Down On Sunset", "When Will I See You Again" i "Souled".

Golden Stars - Polydor Club Exclusiv 35 237 7 - 1997

  1. When Will I See You Again
  2. I'll Love You Forever
  3. Road To Higher Love
  4. How Deep Is Your Love
  5. Standing Alone
  6. Stay A Little Longer
  7. Midnight
  8. Marathon Of Life
  9. My One And Only
  10. You Have Rescured me
  11. Turn Around
  12. Carry You With Me
  13. A Little Bit Of Lovin
  14. The Love In Me
  15. Never Knew Love Like This Before
  16. Dance In Heaven
  17. Look At The Tears
  18. Will You Let Me Know

Dziś 13.08.2020
Kalendarium: premiera singla Millane Fernandez "I Miss You" (2001)

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