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Odsłuch płyty Christmas For You i garść innych informacji od Thomasa Andersa

Plakat reklamujący koncert "Christmas For You"Dziś udostępniony został odsłuch fragmentów piosenek, jakie znajdą się na świątecznej płycie Thomasa Anders "Christmas For You". Thomas rozesłał też newsletter, w którym przypomina o zbliżającym się International Fanday oraz o... trasie koncertowej w Polsce. 

Odsłuch piosenek z "Christmas For You" dostępny jest w serwisie Amazon. Dostępne są trzydziestosekundowe fragmenty piętnastu nagrań, jakie znajdą się na płycie. Niestety nadal brak informacji o jej oficjalnej premierze w Polsce.

W mailu wysłanym do fanów (jego oryginalna treść znajduje się na dole tej strony) znalazł się kompletny program International Fanday, które wyjątkowo odbędzie się nie na początku przyszłego roku, a 8 grudnia 2012:

12:30 otwarcie bram (osoby niepełnosprawne, fani z małymi dziećmi) 
12:45 otwarcie bram (dla wszystkich)
13:00 sesja z autografami
15:00 rozpoczęcie International Fan Day
18:00 zakończenie International Fan Day

- przerwa przed częścią koncertową -

19:30 otwarcie bram
20:00 początek koncertu "Christmas For You"
ok. 22:30 pm zakończenie imprezy 

Thomas uprzedza, że z powodu nieobecności Guido Carpa nie odbędzie się sesja ze zdjęciami, jednak zastąpi ją sesja autografów, na którą każdy fan może zabrać do trzech przedmiotów do podpisania.

Przekazana została też informacja, że zbliżająca się andrzejkowa trasa koncertowa w Polsce będzie pierwszą, w którą zostanie zabrany sklepik Thomasa Andersa. Możemy więc czuć się wyróżnieni :)

Ponadto uruchomiona została specjalna strona facebookowa "I like TA", na której fani mogą umieszczać swoje zdjęcia w nowych koszulkach z kolekcji Thomasa. Za każde z nich Thomas przekaże 1 euro na konto organizacji charytatywnej Kinderschutzbund Koblenz. Najzabawniejsze zdjęcia zostaną też zaprezentowane podczas International Fan Day.

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Oryginał wiadomości od Thomasa

Dear fans,

It's amazing how quickly time goes by. Autumn is already upon us, and my first Christmas Album "Christmas For You" has now been finished. It will be on sale from 16 November, and I hope you don't mind if I say at this point just how proud I am of it. It has turned out really well.

Achim Brochhausen, my producer and arranger, has helped me deliver a fantastic piece of work which I hope all my fans will like.

At the moment, my team and I are busy working on a number of different things at the same time.

Planning for the Fan Day on 8 December 2012 is still ongoing, and at home we have just finished filming a lavish shoot for the TV trailer to accompany the SAT 1 advertising campaign for the Christmas Album. There will also be a number of new features on my website, but more about this next month.

The reason I am getting in touch today is to announce a few details about the International Fan Day. This will take place on 8 December 2012 at Ransbach-Baumbach Civic Hall:

Stadthalle Ransbach-Baumbach
Rheinstraße 103
56235 Ransbach-Baumbach

Rather than a pop or jazz gig, this year's Fan Day will be followed by a special Christmas Concert at which I will be presenting my new album "Christmas For You". Tickets for both events are available via the e-mail address or the website

The schedule will be as follows:

12:30 noon Doors (disabled fans, fans with little children) 
12:45 pm Doors (general admission)
1:00 pm Autograph session
3:00 pm Start of the International Fan Day
6:00 pm End of the International Fan Day

- Break to enable the stage to be set up -

7:30 pm Doors open for the
"Christmas For You"-Concert
8:00 pm Start of the "Christmas For You"-Concert
Approx. 10:30 pm End of the event

My close friend and photographer Guido Carp will, unfortunately, be unable to take part in the Fan Day this year. This means that our popular photo session will have to be cancelled. We will be holding a special autograph session instead. It is, however, important that everyone limits their autograph requests to a maximum of three signatures. Because our schedule is so tight, we would otherwise run into planning difficulties.

The International Fan Day programme will begin at about 3 pm. There will be the traditional prize draw and talk feature as well as a number of other events. I will be relating various episodes from the longest Christmas season of my life, and this year we will also be offering a Christmas story. If you have any questions you would like me to answer, simply send them to my Fan Page at or to the Thomas Anders PINNWAND. Both teams will be happy to reply to any genuine questions.

The first part of the day's programme will end at about 6 pm. Technical reasons then dictate that we will need to clear the hall to set up the stage and put the seating in place for the concert to follow. Both during this break and throughout the whole of the day, our merchandise stand will be offering the very latest Thomas Anders products. A range of snacks will also be available to ensure that no one goes hungry.

Doors will open for the concert from 7.30 pm. The show itself will begin at 8.00 pm, and I'm already looking forward to putting everyone into the Christmas mood with my new collection of songs.

I know that many of you have been in touch with my Service Team to ask about possible accommodation. We have contacted the following hotels and have been told that rooms are still available for the weekend in question.

We can recommend the following establishments for those of you looking for a hotel room near the venue itself:

Hotel Eisbach
Schulstraße 2
56235 Ransbach-Baumbach
Tel.: +49 (0)2623 881330

Sporthotel Kannenbäckerland
Zur Fuchshohl
56235 Ransbach-Baumbach
Tel.: +49 (0)2623 88200

Hotel Paffhausen
Bahnhofstraße 100
56422 Wirges
Tel.: (0)2602 94210

Cafe Restaurant Hotel "VinSanto"
Freiherr von Stein-Staße 11
56235 Ransbach-Baumbach
Tel.: +49 (0) 2623/928442

We have also agreed special prices for you with the taxi company Welsch (Tel.: +49 (0)261 - 12151). Welsch is offering the following deals for the trip from Koblenz main station to Ransbach-Baumbach:

Price for standard taxi - 4 persons
€30 for the trip from Koblenz main station to Ransbach-Baumbach

Price for large taxi - up to a maximum of 8 persons
€40 for the trip from Koblenz main station to Ransbach-Baumbach

The same prices also apply to the return journey. Please quote the promotional code "Thomas Anders" when making your booking.

It is, of course, equally convenient to take a train to Montabaur, where you will also find enough taxis to take you to the Civic Hall or to your hotel. The distances are as follows:

Koblenz to Ransbach-Baumbach = 24 km
Montabaur to Ransbach-Baumbach = 14 km

I'm looking forward to the day immensely and cannot wait to reveal all the new features for this year's event.

Whilst we're speaking of "new features", I'd also like to tell you that, during my forthcoming tour of Poland, we will for the first time be taking merchandise out on the road with us. My team has managed to get their hands on a few new articles, and these have now been made available on Amazon.


We have set up a special page on Facebook (I like TA), where we are collecting the best and funniest photos of you and the new T-shirts. Why not upload a picture of you wearing the shirts? We will print out the photos and display them in a special gallery on the Fan Day. Let's see how many pictures we can collect!


The Fan Club will donate €1 to the Koblenz Child Protection Agency for every photograph uploaded. The campaign will end in time for Christmas on 24 December 2012. We hope that this idea will help to bring a little Christmas joy into the lives of children.

Why not take part and show me just how creative you can be!

I will also be presenting the craziest photos on the big screen during the party...!

In the meantime, however, there is plenty for me to experience and do. I am currently on a two-and-a-half week tour in Russia and am looking forward to making a number of TV appearances in connection with my Christmas Album. Details of the TV appearances which have already been confirmed are available on my homepage at

All the best, yours

Thomas Anders

P.S. By the way, the hologram stickers need to be stuck in the field 2013. As many of you have probably realised, there will be no Fan Day in the spring of 2013. We thought that staging the event at Christmas would be a unique idea, and for this reason the Fan Day has been brought forward from the spring to December. The next Fan Club meeting and anniversary event will be staged in 2014. Remember to hold onto your ticket passes for the tombola!!!

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